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New PG Super Shaft & Super Pump


ATI Super Shaft & Super Pump

ATI introduces two new patented ringless Super Shafts featuring Teflon oil rings installed on the inner diameter of the stator tube rather than on the input shaft. The rings insure proper lubrication-oil cooler function and converter charge pressure identical to a shaft with the rings on it. The Vasco Super Shaft (Part #207148) replaces the standard Powerglide input and uses a custom front pump (part # 205052) with the teflon rings installed in a heavy duty stator tube. The tube is pressed and pinned to the stator support.

For over 1,500 horsepower, ATI offers a Vasco Super Shaft (Part #207149) that has 1-inch 30 spline TH400 splines on both ends. This shaft requires additional custom parts on the gear set end to accommodate the new spline. The input and output sun gears, clutch hub and custom “wedding band” are required to accept the new spline.

The gears are available only in Vasco material in 1.80 and 1.66 ratios and have enjoyed zero breakage since their introduction in May of 2000. The shaft requires the custom pump as above, to eliminate spline failure on the tube to pump press fit.

ATI’s Super Pump (Part #205038) features a bolt-in, heat-treated stator-support tube that cannot fail and comes machined with the rings installed.

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