ATI Unveils New Bolt Together 1.64 and 1.66 High HP Powerglide Gear Sets - $1495 RN

ATI is proud to introduce new 1.64 and 1.66 ratio, straight cut, Vasco gear sets for Powerglide Transmissions. These new gear sets accept OEM Powerglide 19-spline input shafts and have an OEM sized Powerglide output shaft. No case machining needed, accepts up to 5 OEM sized reverse clutches, and no other special parts needed for installation. A lightweight billet Aluminum carrier is an available option and saves over 2 lbs! Each gear set comes complete with Flange and Reverse Ring Gear and are available in both standard 28-inch lengths and as an 18-inch shorty. ATI warranties these gear sets for 2 years against failure and they are available for $1495.

#204885V – 1.64 Vasco Gear Set – 18”
#204886V – 1.64 Vasco Gear Set – 28”
#204896V – 1.66 Vasco Gear Set – 18”
#204897V – 1.66 Vasco Gear Set – 28”

ATI Performance Products, Inc. is located in Baltimore, MD, and specializes in producing and maintaining high performance products for street and strip applications. Over the years ATI has earned a reputation for its superior technology, attention to detail, and rigorous testing under race conditions.

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