ATI Press Release
ATI's New T400 Small Parts

Don't let a 40 year old small part ruin your brand new racing transmission! ATI now offers new, hard-to-find small parts for your next T400 transmission build. These all-new parts include:

  • T400 Park Pawl - Part #407810
  • T400 Pawl Pin and Clip - Part #405742
  • T400 Modulator Plug Clamp - Part #970211
  • T400 Rooster Comb Kit - Part #402110
  • T400 Park Actuator Rod - Part #402113
  • T400 Park Pawl Guide Plate - Part #402114
  • T400 Shift Shaft Kit - Part #402100

These new parts will save you from having to reuse, or look for these commonly worn out parts in your performance T400 builds. All parts are exact or better OE style replacements and will work with OE mating parts and competition-type shifters with no modifications to the case.

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