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ATI Announces Bigger Payouts for NHRA Division 1 Stock and Super Stock Racers!

JANUARY 17, 2017 - ATI Performance Products and the NHRA Northeast Division proudly announces a new 3-year deal benefiting Stock and Super Stock racers competing in the Northeast Division Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series Events as well as PC National Open Events. In this new program (Stock Eliminator & Super Stock presented by ATI Performance Products), ATI will present the winner and runner-up of both classes bonus purse money, which is not product or decal contingent.

Stock and Super Stock Eliminator presented by ATI Performance Products event finalists will receive an additional $500 for winning and $250 for runner-up at the Northeast Division Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series Events. At the PC National Open events at Atco Dragway and Maple Grove Raceway the winner will receive $250 and runner-up will receive $125. At the Toronto Motorsports Park, Napierville Dragway, and Miramichi Dragway National Open Series events, the winner and runner up of the combos on both days will receive the bonus money! The ATI Performance Products bonus money program is currently set to run throughout the 2017, 2018 and 2019 seasons. This program is in addition to ATI's normal NHRA Contingency payouts and would also be on top of the Annual Jim Beattie Memorial event payment that takes place during the Cecil County Divisional Event.

ATI was founded and "grew" up with bracket racers, running stock and then super stock from the 1960's till now. For 55 years, racers have trusted ATI for race winning products, and ATI wants to show their appreciation by giving back to all of the class racers. - 800-284-3433
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