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ATI's New T400 Forged 4340 Output Shaft

ATI Performance Products is proud to introduce our new Turbo 400, Forged 4340, 1 piece output shaft. This brand-new replacement comes with extra-long splines and markings so it can be cut to Powerglide length all the way down to the shortest 4x4 length. The output shaft (Part #406027) will accept standard speedometer gears, has a bushing, but does not have provisions for an OEM governor. Because it is from ATI, you can trust the quality of this output shaft is second to none. In stock and ready to ship in whatever length you request!

ATI Performance Products is located in Baltimore, MD, and specializes in producing and maintaining high performance products for street and strip applications. Over the years ATI has earned a reputation for its cutting-edge technology, attention to detail, and rigorous testing under race conditions. For more information please visit or call 410-298-4343.     

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