With nearly 60 years of racing success, it's no wonder that top shops around the globe choose ATI's race-proven products on their high performance builds. One such shop is Nth Moto, a world-renowned Viper performance tuner based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, and over the years they've cranked out some of the quickest and fastest Vipers on the planet – all fitted with ATI Super Dampers, ATI Transmissions and ATI Converters!

The 3,100 WHP "Juggernaut" is owned and driven by Will Dugas. The car has a personal best 1/4-mile run of 7.16 @ 205 MPH, with other passes at 7.17 @ 208, 7.17 @ 209, and 7.18 @ 210. It's a Gen II Viper with a Gen V engine combo, with a race weight of 3,980 lbs and running on a 315 pro drag radial tire, ATI Super Damper, ATI Max Duty Outlaw Lockup T400 and Lock Up converter. It was built for Drag Week or RMRW type events and is getting quicker by about .2 every time it goes out. Nth Moto's owner, Aaron Miller, says, "The transmission and converter combination from ATI has been the same in it since day 1 which is pretty cool to 'nail it' the first time!"

"The Blue '06" is owned and driven by Lee Saunders. This 2,200 WHP '06 is currently the world's quickest and fastest Gen III Viper with a personal best 1/4-mile pass of 7.70 @ 188 MPH on 28" MT ET Street R tires. It's fitted with an ATI Super Damper, ATI Max Duty Outlaw Lockup T400 and Lock Up converter and weighs 3,950 lbs while retaining full power steering, air conditioning, and other amenities.

The "Mudtruck" is owned and driven by Philip Michael King, Jr. It's a Gen V TA1.0 Viper running an ATI Max Duty Outlaw Lockup T400, Lock Up converter and ATI Super Damper and has competed in the FL2K Roll Race where it qualified in the Outlaw Class (the fastest class) at 179 MPH in a 40 MPH rolling start 1200 ft sprint.

Nth Moto also had another Gen III Viper in the roll race competition equipped with an ATI Max Duty Outlaw Lockup T400, Lock Up converter and Super Damper that qualified in the Outlaw class near the top of the ladder, and posted up a 190 MPH pass during competition.

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Congratulations to ATI's recent winners!

Aaron Stanfield took home his third consecutive victory in Factory Stock Showdown at the NHRA Fall Nats in Texas running an ATI Transmission and Treemaster Converter.

ATI's own JC Beattie Jr won Real Street at the Ford Fever 2020 at MDIR running an ATI Super Damper, Transmission, Treemaster Converter, Super F ATF and ATI SFI Flexplate.

At the NHRA Division 2 race at Rockhingham, father and daughter team of Iggie and Amanda Boicesco took wins in Super Gas and Super Comp with both cars running an ATI Superglide Transmission and Treemaster Converter!

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