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PG Aluminum Clutch Drum with Eight Clutches


ATI's New 8 Clutch Aluminum Drum

ATI Performance Products, Inc. introduces its newest Aluminum Clutch Drum Assembly for Powerglides. Holding up to eight clutches, this drum increases surface area for enhanced durability and more efficient power transfer. These strong but lightweight drums lower ET and triple clutch life.

ATI drums are machined entirely in-house from heat-treated aircraft aluminum. This lightweight material is the key to improved performance and durability. Providing 2/3 less inertia weight allows for quicker drum acceleration and less impact on clutches as the drum accelerates from stop to engine RPM on the first to second gear change. This heavy-duty aluminum also eliminates the need for steel bushings and sleeves that can expand under heat and come loose, which ultimately leads to transmission breakdown.

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