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New Accu-Clutch Piston Bonder


ATI's New SuperCase
ATI's Accu-Clutch Piston Bonder

The AB 1200 Series Accu-Clutch Piston Bonder has been totally redesigned and built for maximum performance and safety in the heat bonding of frictional material to torque converter clutches. This great new bonder is 100% made in house at our Baltimore, Maryland factory. In addition the bonder may be factory retooled and designed to perform many other bonding and pressing operations, such as punching, forming, sizing, and laminating.

The machine requires less than 6 square feet of floor space to operate. It is 220-volt single phase-50/60hz wired for easy set up and use. The opening is 15 ¼ inches wide by 9 inches tall for easy accessibility and optimum working conditions. The steel heat plates are designed to give maximum heat flow to tooling with adjustable controls for the upper and lower plates

A great feature of this redesigned machine is that the heating element has changed to one wafer style heater. This new circular heater quickly heats the entire surface plate instead of the previous design that had 4 separate prong heaters. And remember the steel dies keep the heat they do not dissipate it like aluminum does.

The machine also features ATI’s exclusive quick-change tooling to minimize down time when changing clutches. The heaters are rated for up to 600 degrees Celsius, and the fully adjustable digital, high quality controls are an added bonus to this wonderful machine. All of ATI’s current tooling will work with the new machine to help make it a smooth transition!

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