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ATI Introduces new 8” Treemaster Converters with Low Profile Cast Covers


ATI Performance Products, Inc. has developed a new converter cover that essentially follows the contours of the turbine, instead of having a large “pocket” on the outer perimeter. By reducing the amount of fluid contained in the cover and equalizing the flow path it significantly reduces cavitation and internal friction, which translates to more power available for quicker ETs and higher MPHs!

• Exclusive design developed by ATI
• Cast in the USA and fully machined in-house at ATI
• Screw-on pilot

This feature is standard on some new ATI converters, and can be retrofitted to existing ATI units (GM applications only) at the time rebuild / refurbishment.

New cover follows shape of turbine for more efficient fluid dynamics  
Standard design has large pocket of ATF that disrupts fluid flow
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