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ATI's New Heavy Duty Vasco® Intermediate Shaft for Turbo 400 Transmissions


ATI Vasco TH400 Intermediate Shaft

ATI Performance Products, Inc is proud to introduce an all-new Vasco Intermediate Shaft for the Turbo 400 transmission. ATI has earned a solid reputation for building the finest and strongest racing transmissions in the business.

ATI currently offers upgraded TH400 intermediate (2nd gear) internals that include an ATI 4-clutch pack, a giant 1,200 lb sprag on the aluminum drum, and a drum supporting center support bushing (Part # 407056, for the entire assembly). After upgrading these parts, the next part most likely to fail in a high horsepower car is the intermediate shaft. In order to totally eliminate intermediate shaft failures, ATI's new shaft is made from Vasco 300 material that has a tensile strength of 300,000 PSI!

The new shaft (Part # 405970) is priced right at $345.03 and is available as an option on all ATI Fuel Comp “Extreme Duty” and Fuel Comp “Max Duty” TH400 Transmissions.

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