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CW3 / CW4 Torque Converter Rebuilding Equipment
Red Line above Racing Torque Converter

Converter Welder
Accu Balance®
Converter Balancer
Clutch Piston Material Bonder
Converter Leak Tester
Cut Open Lathe Tooling
Pass Through Converter Washer

Hub Cut Off Bar
Cut-Open Tool
Welding Fixture - Ford
Welding Fixture - GM
CW3 Welder Indicating Kit
CW3 Training & Tooling
CW3 Pricing & Leasing
CW3 / CW4 Converter Welder
The CW3 / CW4 Converter Welder removes all the aggravation, eliminates all the guesswork and produces a perfectly perpendicular, beautifully welded, perfectly true, leakproof converter with exacting internal that you will be proud to sell and confident to use.

Accu-Balance Converter Balancer The Accu-Balance is a fast and accurate way to balance your converters. Its simple, one button operation allows you to balance your units wet or dry and gives you a digital readout of the amount and location of imbalance in 5 seconds.

Clutch Piston Material Bonder
Applying friction material to torque converter clutches is a simple matter with this handy device. The heat platens are designed to give maximum flow of heat to the tooling, and are individually adjustable.

Quick Test Converter Leak Teaster
The "Quick Test" provides you with a fast and accurate method of determining the integrity of a converter. It's a simple, effective, proven 5-step procedure that takes under a minute. Features heavy-duty construction for unequaled durability. Easily set up in minutes wherever compressed air is available.

Cut-Open Lathe Tooling
The Cut-Open Lathe tooling specifically for cutting converters open. This ultra heavy-duty kit features ram air to hold converter.

Pass Through Converter Washer
Designed specifically for the task of cleaning and degreasing converters and components. Has many important features like speed and temperature control, powerful 5 HP pump, 220-volt three-phase power, electric or gas heating, two spray manifolds and 24 jets for optimum coverage.

Torque Converter Rebuilding Accessories
Cut Open Tool
Hub Cut Off Bar
CW3 Indicating Kit

Welding Fixture - Ford
Welding Fixture - GM

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