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ATI's new Powerglide Kits for Ford vehicles



ATI Performance Products, Inc. introduces its " 'Glide to Victory" line of bolt in Powerglide kits for Ford powered vehicles. The kit has been engineered to bolt to virtually any Ford 5.0 liter, Windsor or Cleveland small block engine.

The kit comes with an ATI Powerglide transmission with a locking gauge and fill tube, an ATI torque converter, and an ATI adapter kit, which includes an ATI flexplate. ATI also has created four different kits to handle any competition setup-from mild to wild. Each component has been thoroughly engineered and competition tested.

The ATI Powerglide transmission is a result of 40 years of innovation and competition development. These transmissions are blueprinted and assembled to the specific torque demands of each engine application. Many transmissions include spur cut Super Set gears, a torsional input shaft, hard chrome rings, forged steel clutch hubs, an aluminum deep pan, a high capacity band and clutches, and the ATI "instant-releasing" external solenoid brake. An extensive list of options may also be added at the time of purchase.

Each ATI torque converter is COMPLETELY NEW-NO USED PARTS! This means that you get a true competition part and not a junkyard core that has been modified. Every component is computer-designed and manufactured utilizing state-of-the-art CNC turning and machining centers.

Each ATI converter contains unique competition features like the "C" series roller clutch or element-style sprag, anti-ballooning plates, a centerless -more-ground hub, inner blade support, Torrington bearings, and furnace brazing.

The ATI adapter kit allows the customer to mate a Powerglide transmission to a non-GM motor with a minimum of modifications. The kit comes with an adapter plate, crank adapter, flexplate, and all the needed hardware to conduct a smooth installation. The adapter plate is made from ½ inch 6061 T-6 heat-treated aluminum. The plate measures 20 inches high and 24 inches wide and may be incorporated into an engine mid-plate. The plate is not profiled in order to meet the unique clearance requirements of each vehicle.

The ATI crank adapter is fabricated from heat-treated steel and bolts to the crank to ensure exact converter and flexplate location. This adapter also accepts the OEM diameter and length GM converter pilot. Each crank adapter is designed utilizing OEM drawings and dimensions and produced on ATI's state-of-the-art CNC turning centers.

The ATI Flexplate is created from custom drawn SFI-spec chromoloy steel. This unit is double MIG/TIG welded for additional strength and lasting precision pass after pass. Each ATI flexplate is manufactured and toleranced from actual OEM drawings to ensure a precise fit and location. Each plate is quality inspected to EXCEED the flatness and run-out tolerances of the OEM units and is precision balanced on Hines digital equipment with a resolution of 1/10 ounce/inch.

ATI's "'Glide to Victory" line of Powerglide kits allow racers, who have had to rely on OEM Ford transmissions, to step up to Powerglide performance. Call the ATI Performance Products technical staff today at 1-800-284-3433 for more information or to request a catalog.

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