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ATI Now Offers Damper Rebuilding Tool Set


ATI Performance Products, Inc. has added a Damper Rebuilding Tool Set to its selection of Damper Accessories. The Damper Rebuilding Tool Set is advertised for the first time in ATI's latest Torsional Super Damper catalog.

The ATI Super Damper is the only damper that is designed exclusively for high RPM performance engines. It is also the only damper that is rebuildable, unlike the conventional single strip elastomer damper or viscous fluid damper. The new Damper Rebuilding Tool Set will enable customers to keep their Super Dampers functioning at optimum performance.

Super Dampers can be "tuned" to do the best job of dampening torsional vibrations in the engine. The Damper Rebuilding Tool Set is a custom machined tool set that will allow customers to assemble and disassemble their Super Dampers with ease.

ATI's Super Damper is considered to be "the best engine protection money can buy." Now the Damper Rebuilding Tool Set is the best way to keep the Super Damper performing.

To learn more about the Damper Rebuilding Tool Set, or to request your free copy of ATI's new Torsional Super Damper catalog, please call the ATI Performance Products technical staff today at 1-800-284-3433.

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