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How much horsepower are you throwing away in converter slippage? Loose converters are notorious for slippage on the big end, sending valuable horsepower out the window in the form of heat – heat that destroys converters and transmissions, as well as causing inconsistency from run to run. Have your salesman check your MPH and trap RPM with your gear and tire size in order to determine how much your converter is slipping.

ATI manufactures all new converter parts in house, then CNC machines them 100% to ensure perfect parallelism of the internal parts, producing the most efficient units on the market. ATI is the only independent company in the world with the technology and equipment to build new converters. ATI converters typically lock-up within 3% to avoid throwing expensive horsepower away in slippage. They are assemble to a number called “HPPGR” (horsepower per gear ratio) to provide all the stall speed possible without slippage and are far more consistent run to run than others on the market. They are also much cooler running, which prolongs the life of converters as well as transmissions.

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